About 45tours.ca

About 45tours.ca

45tours.ca is a radio single digital distribution service. This service enables to join more than 174 radio stations in Quebec and french Canada.

45tours.ca, So simple …

  1. A producer sends us his single along with a press release.
  2. This single is added immediately to 45tours.ca.
  3. Then an email, including press release is sent to every radio station.
  4. Radio stations access site, identify and listen to the single.
  5. Radio stations are able then to download singles in WAV format broadcast quality.

Fast, efficient and ecological!

Put an end to scattering, piling and lost CDs. Singles will stay on 45tours.ca site for the next 3 years.

45tours.ca is a Disques RSB initiative, most important CD and DVD manufacturer in Quebec. For more information, please contact us.

An email with the press release is sent to every radio station.

Radio stations access site, listen and download the single.

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